People-Strategy does not stop after recruitment

war for



Tough conditions, especially for Start-ups and SMEs

There's significantly more effort in the competition for talentwhat is more important than building the most powerful team?

Great talent cannot be found „on the doorstep“ – in the current war for talent HR / people is a key skill and should be on every MD agenda.

Companies are facing the challenge to not only find the right talent in time, but also to retain them.

Often there‘s lack of time, know-how, prioritization or the right resource to build a competitive and powerful HR-structure with the right tools, processes and mindset.

We help you to fill the gaps in
the People Lifecycle!

Teambuilding / Happiness

Culture eats Strategy for breakfast – attract and retain top talent through reputation

Training and Development

An indispensable basis for professionalization and retention for established companies


Let go and grow network

Employer Branding

From a first rough presentation to the professional branding campaign - an important factor in every development stage


A big focus in growth and transformationphases and often the biggest barrier forsmall businesses and start-ups


Chronically underestimated ‘retention promoter’ in all company sizes

Performance Management

Clear goals as a basis for an efficient cooperation,essential in EVERY stage of growth

Good people management along the entire lifecycle is essential for all organizations, regardless of their maturity level. While headhunters only recruit, we provide tailor-made modules, tools and know how, enabling you to position your organization as an attractive employer in the war for talent. Our goal is not only to attract new talent, but also to establish a sustainable and professional HR strategy at all levels.

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